Organization Background

Zogby International tracks public opinion throughout the world, and has developed several key studies regarding social and political attitudes in the Middle East. Their mission is to “offer the best polling, market research, information services, and business solutions worldwide based on accuracy and detailed strategic information.” Since 1984, Zogby has been tracking public opinion through phone calls and online surveys in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Zogby continues to work in the business, non-profit, public, and political sectors helping its clients achieve their goals.

  • Business Sector Research: Zogby measures customer satisfaction, community assessments and perceptions, advertising impact and tracking, and workplace measurements for clients such as the media, health care, retail, financial services and professionals.
  • Non-Profit Research: measures member attitudes and needs, how to best bring their issue before the public and its impact, helped to increase membership for trade, advocacy, religious, cultural and civic groups and organizations.
  • Public Sector: helps to determine public needs and expectations on a variety of subjects for government agencies, regulated industries, school districts, and educational institutions.
  • Political Research: helps the media, candidates, political parties and organizations learn which messages resonate with the public, which issues are most important to the public and how to attract voters.


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