The touchstone for British public diplomacy through cross-cultural educational programs, the British Council answers to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is headed by a former head of the Labour Party, Lord Tyrrell. Managing a variety of offices around the world, the British Council provides information, grant and scholarship funding to students from around the world interested in studying in the greater United Kingdom – England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Organizing a variety of programs to enable foreign students to enhance their English language skills and promoting English teaching abroad for UK students, the British Council receives annual grants from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to pursue cultural and academic exchange opportunities for students and young professionals.

Similar programs through the Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange UK offer promotional programs for UK nationals to volunteer abroad as part of a cultural exchange initiative. The programs are available to anyone aged 17 and over with a primary focus on abroad opportunities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Government Entities Relevant to PD

Think Tanks and Centres

This is a list of think tanks and initiatives that have initiatives and/or publications relevant to the study of pd.

International Broadcasting

Reports and Hearings

“Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters”

Important Legislation

Public Diplomacy Challenge Fund, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Further Reading

  • Foreign Policy Centre, [ “Britain Must Fund Strategy for Hearts and Minds in the Middle East”]
  • Foreign Policy Centre at the British Council, [ "Leading International Think-Tanks Call For A Major ReThink Of UK Public Diplomacy Policy”]
  • Alan Henrikson, Netherlands Institute of International Relations, [ "What Can Public Diplomacy Achieve?”]
  • "Churchill's Cold War: The Politics of Personal Diplomacy", By: Klaus Larres, Yale University Press. Published 1 August 2002.
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  • "Inter-Institutional Relations In the Devolved Great Britain: Quiet Diplomacy", By: G. Horgan, Regional and Federal Studies, Vol. 14, No. 1, Spring 2004.

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