The Department of Information has five responsibilities, according to the Royal Decree on the Division of Agencies within the Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1998:

1. Gather and analyze both local and international news.

2. Promote, initiate and coordinate on cultural related activities which include arts, education, religion, music, sports, youth, and science with foreign countries.

3. Publicize and explain foreign policy and position of Thailand to members of the press, and to monitor news, articles, and other publicities relating to Thailand which appear in both domestic and international media.

4. Produce documentary, articles and news programs for the radio station that is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Cooperate and provide facilities for foreign radio stations.

5. Undertake other tasks which are the responsibility of the Department of Information by the law or upon the instruction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Council of Ministers. Department of Information

The department has five divisions, one of which is the Cultural Relations Division, divided into a Cultural Diplomacy Policy sub-division and Cultural Promotion and Coordination sub-division.

The message from Director General Sihasak Phuangketkeow states, “Given Thailand’s active engagement in all dimensions of international relations, the responsibilities of the department have therefore continued to increase and expand as we endeavor to ensure that Thailand’s foreign policy “reaches out�? to all segments of the population at home and abroad.�?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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