Organization Background

SurveyUSA conducts opinion polls for TV stations. They started in 1992. They have completed 20,000 research projects, and interviewed 20 million Americans. Today, they are the largest and most-active media pollster in the United States. Media clients typically sign long-term exclusive contracts with SurveyUSA to prevent their competitors from using the service in the same marketplace. Millions of Americans see the results of SurveyUSA research each night on the news. Approximately 60% of Americans live in a location where SurveyUSA poll results are regularly featured.

SurveyUSA is owned by news journalists, who are professional writers, and who specialize in communicating effectively. SurveyUSA believes that opinion research, like architecture, is a combination of art and science. While there is an art to conducting opinion research of any kind, there is a particular art to conducting interactive research. SurveyUSA is proud of its scriptwriting excellence.


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