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How do I create a new page?

  • Locate the place on an existing page or section in the PD wiki where you would like the link for your new page to appear. Click edit.
  • Decide what you would like to name your page. PD wiki page names do not require http addresses, just a name. Example: this page name is "Quick List."
  • Place double brackets (e.g. [[double brackets]]) around the name of your new page. Click save. Your page name should now appear as a hyperlink.
  • Click on your page name and begin entering text. Remember you must be logged in in order to edit pages.

Example: If you would like to create a new page entitled New Page, type: [[New Page]].

How do I link to other pages?

  • To link to an external page place your desired link and the name of that link in [single brackets]. Put the website address first followed by a space and then page name as you would like it to appear. Example: If you type [ PD Wiki] it will appear as PD Wiki
  • To link to an internal page place the name in [[Double Brackets]]. Example: If you type [[United States]], it will appear as United States. Remember for internal pages, you do not need the full http address just the name.
  • If you would like different text to appear than that of the actual wiki page name, type | after the actual page name and then type the name as you would like it to appear. For example: It you type [[United States | America]] it will appear as America

How do I format my text?

  • BOLD - To bold text, place the following code around it: <b>text</b>. Example: If you type <b>BOLD</b> it will appear as BOLD.
  • ITALICS - To italicize text, place the following code around it: <i>text</i>. Example: If you type <i>ITALICS</i> it will appear as ITALICS.
  • LISTS - to create bulleted lists, just place a "*" before each item on your list.

How do I cite sources used in my text?

Remember not to plagarize!

Please do not cut and paste information found elsewhere directly into this Wiki and be sure to cite all sources you use. To create a direct link to a source place the source link in brackets immediately following the relevant sentence or paragraph. Ex. [] will appear as [1].

Alternately, you can format your article as you would a paper. Use a normal citation style in your body text and place a list of sources used at the bottom.

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