Norton Antivirus Support has eliminated a number of malware attacks and vulnerabilities.  As we all know that lately there has been a huge rise in the number of malware and virus attacks. Fortunately Norton Antivirus Support  has solution for each and every issues related to it. But what if your antivirus is having trouble or it is not functioning up to the mark. In such scenario you will need Norton Antivirus Support experts who will guide you to make it worth functioning. GlobalTech Squad, a leading technical Support company, has a team of highly skilled and well educated Norton Antivirus Support experts who can resolve the issues in shortest possible time with their immense knowledge and skills in cost effective way.

Running antivirus scan regularly on your computer is very essential part of computer usage. But sometimes user faces the problems because of lack of information. That is why in this article we have tried to cover all the common problems in Norton Antivirus as well as their troubleshooting steps. In this article we have covered issues such as How to setup, configure and troubleshoot different issues of Norton Antivirus Support. All the below mentioned troubleshooting steps applies to every of the norton product such as- Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, Norton Premier etc. Let jump to the problem and solution part-

Fix Norton Freezing or Crashing Problem

  • Restart your computer in safe mode with networking (Using F8)
  • Open Norton Program and try to update it to its latest version
  • Run a full Norton Antivirus Scan and turn computer in normal mode
  • If the above steps did not worked try below mentioned steps

Uninstall and Reinstall Norton Antivirus using Norton Antivirus Support

  • If your antivirus is not working after following the above steps uninstall and reinstall Norton Antivirus
  • To make uninstallation and reinstallation Norton Antivirus Support is providing a tool that makes it easy to do so. Click This
  • This link will help you uninstall and again install the norton antivirus in easy way.

Download the Norton Antivirus Program using Norton Antivirus Support

  • After the uninstallation of previous antivirus program you need to download your norton antivirus product again
  • Login to your Norton Account
  • After login you can see My Norton at the right hand top, click on it
  • Now download the Norton Antivirus and set it up
  • While following these steps many user faces the problem of intermittent internet connection dropout. To overcome this complication Norton Antivirus Support from GlobalTech Squad recommend you to follow these steps

Fix Internet connection problem after Installing Norton Antivirus

There are many causes of internet connection dropout one of them is that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) problem or any sometimes it is another antivirus program which is blocking your internet access. But most of the time it is your antivirus firewall which is preventing the internet connection, so let’s face it up with the help of Norton Antivirus Support

Turn off your Norton Firewall Using Norton Antivirus Support

To make your internet connection interruption free from the Norton Firewall blocking you need to follow these steps

  • Restart your computer after closing all the programs
  • You need to disable Norton firewall temporarily
  • Open Norton Product
  • Go to Settings
  • Under Detailed Settings click Firewall
  • You can see the General Settings Tab, Next to Smart Firewall click on the Slider to turn it off
  • You can see Protection Alert Dialog box from the drop down menu click Apply and after that select Permanently
  • Now click on Apply and Ok and check whether Firewall is turned off.
  • Restart your computer and go to your Norton
  • Make sure you updated the latest version of Norton Antivirus
  • After update you can turn on the Norton Firewall

After following above steps your problems will definitely resolve. If the problem still persist or you are having problem in following these steps, don’t worry we are here to sail you out from this situation too. All you have to do is just make a call on our toll free number and share your problem related to Norton Antivirus Support at anytime anywhere.

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