North Korea's Diplomacy Efforts

North Korea has arguably the worst diplomatic history in recent history. A Communist dictatorship under Kim Jong Il, North Korea has taken few steps towards establishing diplomatic ties with any outside state or organization. There is little information on North Korea that is not distributed by the government. Tourism is strictly controlled and watched. Any visitors to North Korea must travel with a guide and are not allowed to stray from the tours of the country. All media in North Korea are controlled by the government; otherwise, the few accounts of North Korean life are from those who have expatriated.

North Korea's human rights record is abyssmal. Famine, torture, unlawful imprisonment and executions, and rape are all large problems in North Korea. Statistics on these occurences are not available all organizations or workers are not allowed into North Korea.

Over the past ten years since Kim Jong Il assumed power, after the death of his father and former leader Kim Il Song, North Korea has come under fire from international groups and nations for their human rights record and their possible development of nuclear technology and arms. Again, without any observers allowed into the country, it is difficult to establish the status of North Korea's development program.

On 5 July 2006, North Korea began a test-fire of seven missiles in the Sea of Japan, much to the chagrin of the international community. Included in the testing was a long-range missile (Taepodong-2), with the capacity to travel over the Pacific Ocean, though the missile failed within a minute of its launch.

The United Nations Security Council met in emergency session to discuss possible consequences and scenarios following the tests .United States, along with South Korea, Japan, and multiple other countries strongly oppose the test-fire and missile development program, and are currently seeking possible diplomatic responses to the crisis.

Vital Information

  • Capital - Pyongyang
  • Population - 23,113,019 (July 2006 est.)
  • Government - Communist State One-Man Dictatorship
  • Chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il (Chief of State)

Government Agencies

Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

International Broadcasting



CIA Factbook - North Korea

Outcry over N Korea missile test BBC News

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