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New book: "The Making of a Pacific Citizen"

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A new book, "The Making of a Pacific Citizen," an authobiography by retired Foreign Service Officer Hugh Burleson, provides much detail on his experiences in East Asia immediately after World War II and in 1960-87 as a practitioner of public diplomacy with the U.S. Information Agency. He also briefly describes how he pursues his post-retirement goals in non-profit groups in Washington state involved in efforts to improve trans-Pacific understanding.

Published through Author House, this work may be ordered by calling the Author House ordering hotline -- 1-888-280-7715 -- or on the website a and clicking on "Bookstore." Either way, cite the title "The Making of a Pacific Citizen" and/or the author Hugh L. Burleson II. Orders may similarly be placed on line from Barnes and Noble or

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