Ken Moskowitz is the former director of the Tokyo American Center and an established Foreign Service officer. He is a former officer of the US Information Agency and a strong supporter of the need for government public diplomacy efforts.

In January 2003, Moskowitz authored The Courage of our Convictions, a report driving home the need for Foreign Service officers to publicly engage their audiences abroad. He notes the need for personal conduct, highlighting that officers must be promoters of American ideals, yet free to express different, beneficial views on foreign policy goals. Moskowitz explains that State officials seem to be encouraged to keep a low profile, rather than make counter-arguments to American criticism:

“But it is undeniable that the State Department allows very few officials to speak on the record overseas (or back in the department, for that matter). As a result, FSOs are naturally reluctant to do public speaking even away from the media, even though they're supporting official policy, which obviously diminishes the value of trained and knowledgeable public diplomacy officers.�?

Publications, Speeches, & Commentary

PbWinter 10:40, 22 Jun 2006 (PDT)

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