Jonathan Marks is an international broadcasting consultant and Director of Critical Distance, a running weblog discussing the impact of social media and broadcasting.

Born in the UK, Marks spends most of his time working and living abroad, providing strategic consulting on the spread of media and its societal impact. For 23 years, he has lived in The Netherlands, settling in Hilversum, the country’s center for broadcasting. Upon arrival, Marks began work for Radio Netherlands, developing new audiences for the network's English language service. Marks held several positions at the network, including eight years as Programme Director.

Leaving Radio Netherlands in September 2003, Marks has since set up his own business, Critical Distance. As Marks states, "As a media detective, I know that some of the best ideas for reaching people are coming out of the developing world. I enjoy acting as a catalyst, giving leadership to ensure new projects really happen. My new company gives me more time to pursue projects with a purpose. Right now, using mass media to reach hearts and minds has never been more important".

Marks is also an experienced public speaker, focusing on recent communications developments revolutionizing current broadcasting and media services. Marks has had several notable appearances at the Asian Broadcasting Union, PRIX EUROPA, the European Broadcasting Union, and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association.

Publications, Articles, & Resources

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