Jim Clifton is best known in the polling and survey research field for leading the acquisition of The Gallup Organization in 1988, at which time he became CEO of the organization founded by the renowned polling pioneer, Dr. George H. Gallup.

Under Clifton's leadership, Gallup has enjoyed a tenfold increase in its billing volume and has expanded from a predominantly U.S.-based company to a global organization with 40 offices in 20 of the world's largest nations. The Gallup Organization is one of the world's largest think tanks and providers of public opinion polling and management consulting.

Clifton is best known in the business world as the creator of The Gallup Path. This metric-based economic model establishes the linkages between human nature in the workplace, customer loyalty, and business outcomes. The Gallup Path is integral to the performance management systems in more than 500 companies worldwide and forms the basis of most of Gallup's total revenues.

Clifton serves as Chairman of The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and has recently received an Honorary Doctor of Commerce from Bellevue University.

Clifton and his wife, Susan, live in Washington, D.C. They have three children, Nicole, Jonathan, and Jackie.

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