Jamie F. Metzl is a Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in the Project on the Information Revolution and World Politics. His past career work has been with the U.S. Department of State, serving as Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs and Information Technology. Metzl was also the Senior Coordinator for the State Department’s International Public Information division. Previously he served as Director for Multilateral and Humanitarian Affairs at the National Security Council.

Public Diplomacy

In October 2001, Metzl developed an article for the Baltimore Sun regarding the battle over the US image abroad. Metzl notes that it is a critical oversight to consider only military action as a proper tool in the campaign against global terrorism. Rather, a forceful information campaign that promotes American values is fundamental in countering the negative opinions of the country in the Muslim world.

“The power of symbols, images, and ideas is today often greater than that of hard military assets. The terrorists attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon clearly understood this.�?
“Their colleagues may well now be hoping that American bombs target Afghanistan so that the television images of such bombing will fuel resentment of American power in the Arab world.�?

In November 2001, Metzl, along with Professors Steven Livingston and Barry Fulton, engaged in a lecture series for the Carnegie Endowment titled Winning Hearts and Minds: Propaganda and Public Diplomacy in the Information Age. Metzl’s discussed the continuing need for the US to care for its international image by developing resourceful responses to detrimental propaganda. By engaging foreign populations, Metzl promotes the need for vital dialogues between the world’s populations that will promote American convictions. "As I see it, we must do a much better job along a spectrum of activities and in pulling together all of the various governmental and non-governmental actors who can help us in our information engagement," Metzl said.

Resources Used:

Publications, Articles

  • Rwandan Genocide and the International Law of Radio Jamming(The American Journal of International Law)
  • Western Responses to Human Rights Abuses in Cambodia (St. Martin's Press)

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