Dr. Farhad Kazemi is professor of Politics and Middle Eastern Studies at New York University. A leading scholar on issues of the Middle East, Kazemi is a member of the Advisory Group for Public Diplomacy in the Arab and Muslim World, appointed in 2003. He is affiliated with several notable organizations, including President of the Middle Eastern Studies Association and former President of the Society for Iranian Studies. Kazemi has been the recipient of many grants and fellowships that have allowed him to pursue fresh research on politically crucial topics within the Middle East.

Among his many accomplishments, Kazemi is a leading member of several organizations including the American Political Science Association, the International Studies Association, the International Society of Political Psychology, the International Political Science Association, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Atlantic Council.

Publications, Articles, & Commentary

  • Peasants and Politics in the Modern Middle East, ed. with John Waterbury. University Press of Florida. 1991.
  • Politics and Culture in Iran, Institute for Social Research. University of Michigan. 1988.

Poverty and Revolution in Iran. New York University Press. 1980.


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